Cool N’ Charge Pro for PS4 Slim and Pro

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Maximize the potential of your PS4 console.  Showcase your console in the vertical position knowing that is it locked safely in place all the while providing enhanced air flow.  The added cooling lets you game longer while the dual charging cables ensure your controllers are always ready for the next battle.  The dual USB ports in the rear keep the cables at the back of your setup and out of the way where they belong.  The Cool N’ Charge Pro is the ultimate 4 in 1 accessory for your console providing cooling, charging, usb ports and a secure vertical stand.  The Cool N’ Charge Pro is compatible with both the Pro and Slim consoles.  Original Playstation 4 console not supported.


•High Air Flow Cooling – Dual fans provide cooling greatly reducing console temperature.

•Dual Charging Cradles – Two dedicated controller charging cradles keep you ready for action.

•Dual Rear USB Ports – Two additional rear USB ports provide much needed cable management.

•Vertical Stand – A premium vertical stand locks your PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim securely into position.

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