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The PS4 CHATBOOST by Collective Minds is an essential accessory for today’s gamer.  With the integration of Twitter  and YOUTUBE into your PS4 Console tagging the latest great game moment or snapshot can be a hassle using an on screen keyboard.  The PS4 Chatboost lets you text at will and focus on your gaming not your text entry.  Speaking of gaming – the PS4 Chatboost features a built in Lithium Battery to up to double your playtime so you can run that marathon game session fully wireless without needing to recharge!

  • Built In Battery for Controller Charging – Doubles your playtime
  • Smart blue backlighting for easy text entry in the dark
  • Ergonominc design for maximum comfort
  • Custom fit for secure attachment
  • Headset pass through port
  • Charges via micro USB port
Why don’t I hear sound from my TV/Speakers when the PS4 Chatboost is connected?

The PS4 can set the headset port to “all audio” or “chat audio”. If the output to headphones is set to “All Audio” and the Chatboost is attached to the Dualshock 4 controller the PS4 sees the audio connector and will transfer audio to the Chatboost as it should. All audio will not only be heard if a headset is connected to the Headset port on the Chatboost. If the user is using the Chatboost without headphones, the user simply changes the headphone output to Chat only. Now game audio will be heard through the TV/Speakers.

To change the Headphone Setting on the PS4

  1. Hold The PS Button for 3 seconds
  2. Select [Adjust Devices] > [Output to Headphones]
  3. Choose [All Audio] or [Chat Audio]

You can adjust settings for output to a headset or other audio device. You can also specify whether the device receives all audio or only chat audio. The default setting is [Chat Audio].


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