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Get equipped to dive into intense gaming action like never before with the Mindforce PS3 wireless controller. Bluetooth wireless technology lets you play untethered to your console. Ergonomically designed rubber grips, intense Immersion™ vibration feedback as well as full motion control gives you complete control and unprecedented comfort for your gaming experience. Full backlighting means never missing the right button even in total darkness

  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • Full Axis Motion Control
  • Green Backlight
INSTRUCTIONS: Rapidfire PS3 Settings

Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Rapid Fire Range 16.6 – 19.9

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 : 13.9
Presets 11/12 Akimbo: 13.9

Why does my PS3 Mindforce controller only last a few minutes after charging?

The Mindforce PS3 controller has a switch at the back that allows it to be physically shut off to maximize battery life, versus traditional controllers that stay in a sleep mode that gradually drains the battery. In order to charge the controller properly you must leave this switch in the on position while charging. Our extensive testing has shown 8-10 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Why does my PS3 Mindforce controller not connect after charging?

The Mindforce PS3 controller has an on/off switch at the back. If your Mindforce controller has previously been synced with your PS3 console and after charging the controller player indicators flash and it does not automatically reconnect to the PS3 console, then simply move the switch to OFF, and then back ON. Now press the Mindforce logo button and your controller will automatically sync with the PS3.

Why does my knife thrust when I push in the right analog stick in MW3 even though I am firing my weapon?

When rapid fire is enabled the technology is mimicking high speed trigger presses versus a continuous trigger press. When you press in on the right analog stick you interrupt the signal briefly and launch the knife thrust.

When I press Dropshot my knife seems to slash in Modern Warfare or Call of Duty series of games?

Your Mindforce PS3 controller has special features like Dropshot that are based on the default button configuration in the Modern Warfare and Call of Duty series games. In order for the controller’s special function to properly work you need to ensure that the controller is in the same button configuration as the game. To do this simply use the remap function to match the game button configuration to the one controller’s LED display as per the manual.

Why does the LED Display numbers keep increasing and decreasing when I move the right analog stick up and down?

You are actually in programming mode. The Mindforce PS3 controller allows you to program Fire Rate and adjust which Preset you want to store that fire rate in while playing the game!!

I can’t get my Bluetooth headset to work?

The Mindforce PS3 controller of course works with the Sony Playstation and most 3rd party headsets. Because the controller is Bluetooth you may be experiencing competition from both devices. Simply “forget” your Bluetooth headset on your PS3 and then pair it WHILE your Mindforce PS3 controller is synced. Both devices should now function properly.

Why does my gun not fire properly in my first person shooter while I am in rapid fire mode?

Try adjusting your fire rate up or down, every game has a weapon tolerance for Rapid Fire. That means a rate setting of 8.5 in one game on a pistol may be restricted to 6.5 on a pistol in another game.

One gun fires rapidly but others won’t fire at all?

Just as every game has rapid fire tolerances, every weapon in a game has tolerances to how fast they can be fired. Luckily the Mindforce PS3 controller has 12 total presets so you can fine tune all your weapons fire rates – and do so in real time!

Is it possible to turn off Rapid Fire?

Yes, just press the Rapid Fire Button on the left handle. When the light is off, Rapid Fire is off. We want you to be able to enjoy the quality and comfort of the Mindforce PS3 controller on every game, not just shooters!

What material is used on the surface of the Mindforce PS3?

All Mindforce PS3 controllers feature a super soft surface and rubber grips for maximum gaming comfort and enjoyment.

What parts of the Mindforce PS3 light up?

The Mindforce PS3 PRESTIGE EDITION features lighting on the dpad, rapid fire button, x, square, triangle, and circle buttons and the Mindforce logo button. The LED and active player numbers are also lit.

Can I use my Mindforce PS3 controller on the PC?

Yes, but it was designed for console gaming and our special features and support are only on console. Our USB connection is intended for wired play and updates.

Does the Mindforce PS3 have an official license from SONY?

No, because the Mindforce PS3 controller features technology that may actually improve your game over the standard controller experience, we are 100% Unofficial. We are in no way endorsed by SONY, or Activision Publishing Inc.

Will there be a version for the X360?

Yes, it is available at fine retailers now.

Will there be a version for the PS3?

Yes, it is available now.

Does the Mindforce PS3 controller feature force feedback?



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