Switch Up Game Enhancer V2.0 – Shiny Edition

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For full details, manuals, and videos on Switch Up visit www.switch-up.ca

Switch Up V2.0 – SHINY Edition

To celebrate our new POKEMON MODE we have made a limited run of POKEMON themed Switch Up controller adapters.  Pre-Order the SHINY Edition now to receive yours before they run out.  Next Pre-Orders will open up Jan 28th for Jan 30th shipments!!

Switch Up Controller Adapter

The Switch UPTM is a revolutionary accessory for today’s SwitchTM gamer that allows you to use your existing PS4TM, PS3TM, Xbox OneTM, or Xbox 360TM controller right on your SwitchTM.

The Switch UPTM adapter has Bluetooth built right in, allowing for wireless play using your PS4TM, PS3TM, and Xbox OneTM Bluetooth controllers.  Standard Xbox OneTM and X360TM controllers can be used wirelessly with the appropriate MicrosoftTM wireless adapter (not included)

Of course you can use your existing PS4TM, PS3TM, Xbox OneTM, or Xbox 360TM controllers right on your SwitchTM in lag-free wired mode for total control.

The Ultimate Game Enhancer

Use Mods on your SwitchTM for the first time! POKEMON MODE: Automatic Shiny Chaining, Watt Generation, Easy Cycle, Rare Den Farming and more to help ease the grind. FORTNITE MODE: Aim Abuse, Rapid Fire, Dual Fire and more to dominate Battle Royale. ZELDA MODE: Rupee & Arrow Generation as well as enhanced weapon modes in Zelda take the grind away and devastate enemies. MARIO MODE: BEAT the Bosses in Super Mario OdysseyTM to get you past any frustration. With Easy MarioTM Combos and the use of UNLIMITED Coin and Moon generation get the 100% you have been striving for.


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