XBOX 360 Mindforce Controllers

Mindforce 360 is engineered with the gaming enthusiast in mind. Finely tuned to satisfy the most demanding players.

  • Tru-grip joystick pads feature a soft surface to reduce thumb fatigue while the raised outer ridges prevent slippage.
  • Glide-force triggers are designed to be silky smooth with a gentle curve locking in the players trigger finger.
  • Hyper-sense. Using the legendary ALPS Potentiometer analog joystick as the foundation the controllers are then finely tuned and engineered to be the smoothest and most actuate joysticks available. This reduces the need to increase the sensitivity levels while in the game.
  • Soft Sense surface coating provides a silky smooth feel for hours of gaming pleasure.
  • Textured rubber grips lock your hands in for those marathon gaming sessions.
  • D-pad Plus+ Tuned to enhanced accuracy and reliability to pull off perfect combos in your favorite fighting game.

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