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PS4 Strike Pack FPS Dominator Update Available!!

Download the Windows Updater HERE (Please Note: this Updater REQUIRES a Windows PC with Windows 7 or higher.  Your Windows PC MUST have the latest updates installed or the updater will not function correctly. Before using the updater temporarily disable Anti-Virus software. You can turn Anti-Virus back on after usage.)

Download the Mac Updater Beta HERE (Please Note: this Updater REQUIRES a Mac with OSX Mountain Lion or higher. You will need to hold down the command key when opening the updater the first time. Please report Mac OSX updater bugs to with the subject heading “OSX Bug”.)

View the revised PS4 Strike Pack FPS 2.0.4 CM85 Dominator Manual HERE

NOTE: We wanted to get this update out to everyone as soon as possible so you can enjoy the PS4 Strike Pack FPS Dominator to the fullest extent. Although the update is technically in BETA, we have spent exhaustive hours testing. With that said, please report any bugs to with the Subject Heading “Beta Bug”. We thank you all for your support and patience. We hope you enjoy the update!

Watch how to update your PS4 Strike Pack FPS Dominator Mod Pack.

StrikePack Mod Central Config Tool:

Release v1.1.2

Download the Mod Central Configurator Tool HERE (Please Note: This Configurator Tool REQUIRES a Windows PC with Windows 7 or higher.  Your Windows PC MUST have the latest updates installed or the updater will not function correctly. REMEMBER to update to the latest version after installing.)

Watch how to setup and use the Mod Central Configurator Tool.

PS4 StrikePack Firmware Update Release Notes:

31/07/18 – Update 2.0.2

  • On the fly remapper has being removed from Tournament Mode. You can no longer accidently remap. Use Mod Central to manage any existing or new remaps.
  • Online Manual button added to the top of every ModPack and GamePack configuration.
  • Fixed bug with selecting Battlefield and Fortnite game layouts in Mod Central FPS 2.0.
  • Support for Mod Central 1.0.3.
  • General Firmware Bug Fixes.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – If FPS 2.0 is in the FPS slot and you connect with no internet connection, Mod Central will load the gears config for FPS 2.0 instead.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – You can no longer leave GamePack slot 1 empty and then load something in slot 2 and onwards.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – Fixed rare instances of reset to default not working on some mods.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – Fixed bug of mismatching Mod Central import/export extensions.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – Improvements to the consistency of text and presentation.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – New feature for “Tournament Mode Remapper” section of Mod Central. With the “Mirror Advanced Settings” checkbox, you can now universally mirror “Disable Rumble”, sensitivities, dead zones and inverted controls to Mod Mode, ModPacks and GamePacks.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – “Disable Rumble” with “Mirror Advanced Settings” allows you to use any mods that require in game rumble to be set to ON, without having to experience rumble.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – You will now be warned each time you enter the Tournament Mode Remapper section, if you have mirrored any advanced settings.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – “Reset to Default” now resets everything in the Tournament Mode Remapper section.
  • Mod Central 1.0.3 – general bug fixes and server side optimizations.

04/06/18 – Update 2.0.0

  • Mod Pass Support Enabled.
  • General Bug Fixes.

04/05/18 – Update 1.6.0

  • Fortnite layout support.
  • General Bug Fixes.

29/12/17 – Update 1.5.1

  • Quick Controls when active now FLASH the CLASS LED.
  • Quick Controls are only available if the class is already enabled.
  • Paddle Mapping in both Tournament & Mod Mode now supports multiple buttons mapped to a single paddle including Triggers.
  • You can no longer turn on Weapon Swap in the Secondary Menu unless you have at least Class 1 or Class 2 already enabled.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes for Tournament & Mod Mode.

22/11/17 – Update 1.5

  • Resolved rare disconnect during gameplay.
  • Call of Duty: WWII layout support. Scout layout is not supported.
  • Improved Hold Breath for COD: WWII.
  • Improved Auto Run Class 5 Mod 2 for COD Series.
  • Improved Rapid Fire for COD: WWII.
  • Improved Pulse Fire for COD: WWII.
  • Improve Turbo Melee for COD: WWII and IW.
  • Revamped and Improved QuickScope for COD: WWII.
  • Re-engineered Flipped Mode to Support QuickScope and Different Layouts.
  • Improved Layout Support for Flipped layouts.
  • Improved Shake and Reload.
  • Turbo 2.0 Trigger Support.
  • Improved Lock Mode Support. Weapon Swap allowed with Lock Mode.
  • Improved Weapon Swap.
  • Improved Destiny 2 Auto Run Class 5 Mod 3.
  • Improved Akimbo Support.
  • Menu Entry extended to 5 seconds to prevent accidental Menu usage.
  • Improved Adjustable Mod test modes.
  • Improved LED readout system.
  • Quick Mods now reset on Master Reset.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes for Tournament & Mod Mode.

26/06/17 – Update 1.4.1

  • Revised Battlefield AutoSpot.
  • Improved Class 5/Mod 3 AutoRun w/adjustable reload setting for long reload Destiny weapons.
  • General Bug Fixes.

07/06/17 – Update 1.4.0

  • Revised Tournament Mode Re-Mapper (locked and disabled by default)
  • General Bug Fixes.

31/05/17 – COD Jitter Fire (Class 1&2 Mod 3) – Update 1.23 to Black Ops III has effectively disabled the Jitter exploit we use in the Strike Pack FPS Dominator. Our Team is working hard to find an alternative exploit to bring Jitter back to life. This exploit has long remained in the COD series, but there are no guarantees a Jitter Mod with the same effectiveness can be achieved.

18/05/17 – Update 1.3.3-beta.1

  • Updated Autospot for Battlefield One.
  • General Bug Fixes.

20/04/17 – Update 1.3.2-beta.1

  • Added Battlefield One Layout.
  • Improved Auto Run for Destiny support on New Class 5 Mod 3.
  • General Bug Fixes.

16/02/17 – Update 1.3.1-beta.1

  • Re-Mapper feature exclusively for Tournament Mode.
  • Upgraded Paddle Mapping so PS Button, Touchpad, and Triggers can be assigned to Paddles.
  • Support for new Strike Pack Configurator Tool.
  • Improved Rapid Fire.
  • Automatic Login upon connection for easier device pairing.
  • Fixed Hair Trigger Glitch.
  • Improved Auto Run for Destiny support.
  • General Bug Fixes.

05/12/16 – Update 1.2.3-beta.1

  • Completely Revamped Secondary Menu adding new Game and Button Layout selector
  • All Game Layouts and Button Layouts Save
  • Added Quick Check in Secondary Menu
  • Added Two Jitter Fire Modes for COD: Infinite Warfare to the Primary and Secondary Fire
  • Made both new Jitter Fire Modes for COD: Infinite Warfare available for Paddle Mapping
  • Added Jitter Fire Mode for Modern Warfare Remastered to the Primary and Secondary Fire
  • Added Turbo Melee Quick Mod
  • Disabled Weapon Swap by default
  • Auto Hold Breath adjusted to work with all button layouts
  • Fixed Trigger/Bumper Flip glitch
  • Fixed Battlefield Auto Spot Glitch
  • General Bug Fixes
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