Collective Minds Introduces the Definitive Pro Controller Upgrade – The Strike Pack Eliminator

Collective Minds Gaming Co. is changing the game with the next generation of the Strike Pack, featuring four mappable buttons for an unheard of price.

VANCOUVER, PRESS RELEASE October 30th, 2019 – This Friday, Collective Minds Gaming Co., a company that specializes in developing ground-breaking removable paddle control systems, will release a revolutionary four actuator solution, the Strike Pack Eliminator for Xbox One.

Built on our patented Strike Pack platform, we have added four customizable rear hyper response buttons for faster, more accessible engagement. This mechanical change gives players an added versatility in-game, bridging the skill gap between controllers and keyboard and mouse.

As gaming continues to become more competitive, gamers are forced to buy expensive premium controllers to gain the advantage. The Strike Pack Eliminator offers more features at a price everyone can afford. With a price point of just $39.99 USD, the Strike Pack Eliminator is a product for designed for everybody, offering a heightened gameplay experience that promises enhanced customization and performance.

The Strike Pack Eliminator comes equipped with enhancement features including:

• Four Hyper Response Buttons
• Full Mapping Capability of All 16 Functions
• Customizable Digital Mods
• High-Performance Grip
• 10′ Professional Grade Braided USB Cable
• Patented Controller Transferability

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