Gamepack – Sixty Second Shooter-prime

Sixty Second Shooter

This is a pack I put together to not only make this great little game less manic but to make it accessible to our disabled customers.

The main feature for this pack is the slow motion mod. It makes the later levels in the game so much less stressful, and therefore more enjoyable in my book, by slowing the game down and giving you more time to react.

I have also added the option to be able to play with one hand. With this mod, the left and right sticks become one. Either one will operate the other. The Left trigger will also operate the right trigger. This makes the game playable for someone who has difficulties when using two analogue sticks at the same time.

I hope you enjoy it,


1 – Slow Motion

  • Press X to Enable/Disable this Mod.
  • When Active, it will slow down gameplay. Giving you more time to react.

2 – Auto Shoot

  • Press Y to Enable/Disable this mod.
  • When Active, it will automatically rotate the right stick in a clockwise direction
  • If the Right Stick is physically moved, the mod is automatically temporarily disabled and will resume when the stick is moved back to its rest position thus enabling you to still direct your shots while have the added benefit of constantly shooting.

3 – One Handed Mode

  • Press LB to Enable/Disable this mod.
  • When Active, the Left and Right Sticks will operate each other. The LT button will also operate the RT button.

4 – Swap Sticks

  • Press RB to Enable/Disable this mod
  • When Active, the Left and Right Sticks are swapped.
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